Day Care

Liíl Rascals offers full day child care and half day child care for those who are unable to watch their children during the day. Rascals has been a state licensed and inspected child care center in St. John for the last 40 years.

Rascals is situated on 5 acres, which is tons of room for your child to run, have fun and let their imagination soar. We also have a custom indoor play yard and are located less than 5 minutes from both the St. John police station and fire department.

During the day your child will love interacting with all the other children, making projects, learning, sharing, singing, dancing and so much more. When weather permits, children are outside at least twice a day. Children take naps and lunches and snacks are included in the cost of tuition.

If your child is enrolled in our all day child care, Pre-School is included when school is in session.

Every parent wishes they didnít have to utilize a child care service. Unfortunately, most of us have to work, including the owners of Rascals, Geoff Resney and his wife, Lisa. Geoff and Lisa had all four of their kids at Rascals. We know our families and we love our kids.

Rascals tries to ease the guilt parents feel for having to leave their child. For the first 2 weeks your child attends, you will be given a daily happenings page that will documents what they did that day. We also offer a private Facebook page where pictures will be uploaded at various times every day so you can see all the fun your child is having.

Please note that your child does not have to be potty trained to attend Rascals.

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