About Li'l Rascals Education Center

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Li'l Rascals Child Care Learning Center was founded by Georgene Resney in 1979, after receiving her degrees in Early Childhood Education. Li'l Rascals was born from her desire to work with and develop young minds and also to allow her to spend time with her young son.

For more than 32 years Li'l Rascals has been providing exceptional State Licensed child care & pre-school services to the areas in and around St. John including: Schererville, Dyer, Cedar Lake, and Crown Point. Over these years Rascals has expanded to include 3 buildings and more than 5 acres of outdoor fun and adventure!

Currently, Li'l Rascals is owned by Georgene Resney's son, Geoff and his wife, Lisa. Since he was two years old Li'l Rascals has been a big part of Geoff's life & he is dedicated to the mission set forth by his Mom. Geoff & Lisa have 4 children ages 12 down to 8. All of their children attended Rascals on a daily basis!

We believe that successful childhood development comes directly from a secure, compassionate, & loving environment where a child can truly believe that they are capable of doing anything they put their minds to!

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