40 Years of Love, Fun, and Learning

Preschool is only offered for our families enrolled in all day childcare, Our Preschool implements a developmental language based curriculum. This type of curriculum helps children learn to express themselves verbally and is a beginning step in recognizing letters and their sounds.

We continually conference with local kindergarten teachers to ensure that our multi-sensory approach and credentialed teachers promote; social development, independence, self discipline, and the educational necessities for your children to be successful.
All of these skills benefit our children by helping to alleviate the anxiety of starting kindergarten, and makes the transition to school very smooth.

Having a hard time deciding what to do because you need all-day child care but want your child to reap the benefits of preschool? Donít worry! At Rascals, all of our childcare kids are enrolled in our preschool program. Itís included in the cost of tuition.

Preschool is for children ages 3 and up who are fully potty trained.

If your child will be starting kindergarten soon, we offer a Pre-K program for our families enrolled in all day childcare.

Start your child on the right path to a lifetime love for learning.


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